Buy or rent a container?

If are the type of person who loves to build your own things, then you might want to try modifying a container into some type of special container – like the mobile kitchen, or a container home. It’s fun and it can often be a very practical solution to many problems. But should you rent a container and modify it a little bit or should you buy one?

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There are very few places where you can rent a proper container that fits your exact needs. Unless of course, you just need a standard 20 foot shipping unit or a regular garbage container. However there are a few places that also rent out special units. If you are lucky you can find one that suits your exact needs. But lets face it, most of the time you will need to do some types of modifications to make it all perfect. There are some places, that allows you to do small modifications, or if it’s something that can be easily undone, this would also be an option. But most container renting companies doesn’t allow this at all.

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Buy a new or used container

So since renting a container often isn’t the solution for those needing to modify a bit, the only real remaining option, would be to buy one. When buying, should it be a new container or a used model?
If you are quite the handyman, with a lot of experience in building things or improving things, then go a head and buy a new one, since it’s likely to be worth more when you are done with the project.

Containerudlejning - how to create a special container unit

But if you are only first starting out on this, or have watched a few youtube videos on this topic, and want to give it a try yourself. Then consider buying a really cheap used model, just to practice on. You would almost certainly make a few mistakes the first time. Sometime these mistakes can be easily fixed, but other times the damage is permanent, and you wouldn’t want to risk up destroying a brand new container, just because you wasn’t skilled enough yet.

How to get started on the modifications

Again – if you are experienced in this sort of things, you will most like know what to do. Still it’s a good idea to get it down on papir, and create a small project plan. It might even be something as simple as this:

  • Find the best price (including shipping) for a 20 foot containerunit
  • Buy 2 1 x 1 meter windows from the local shop
  • Buy a door handle and metal frames for the door
  • Install the 2 windows on the front side
  • Cut out a piece of metal on the end, where I want the door
  • Modify the metal piece to make it more suitable as a door
  • Install the metal door frames
  • Install the door
  • Add furniture to the container
  • Project is finished! – celebrate

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The less practice you have, the longer the list should be. A good idea would be to watch some modification tutorials before getting started, and also a few videos for inspiration, so you have an idea about the various options you have.

Here’s a small video about the single mom Lulu, who have modified a container into a small home where can live with her daughter.

Special container – all you need to know

Last month we looked at the case Container mobilkøkken from DC Supply, and it inspired me to write an article about special containers as it turned out to be bit more interesting than I had imagined. After taking a look at some of their special products, I noticed that you could actually use a standard 20 foot container for a lot of things. From custom living homes to mobile sales stands and much more. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more creative ideas people have created, based on a special container.

strækvikle or baby bæresele?

Mobile Kitchen

Remember the mobile kitchen? Here’s another example of one. This one is more similar to one you could have at your own home. With a place to make the food and a place to relax and enjoy it. It’s a great temporary solution for those who are having their old kitchen redone, or if they don’t have the space for a kitchen in their home. And when you are done with it, just lock it up and drive it away. I was watching this in my bæresele or was it a slynge, and it was really cool.
This one is probabaly one of coolest mobile kitchens (mobil køkken), that I have ever seen. Not that I need one right now, but it sure is nice to know they exist. If I had to buy a container, this I wouldn’t mind one of those.

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baby bæreseler og strækvikle til dit barn

A mobile container home

Ever wanted a home you can move, without having to buy an autocamper og a houseboat? Well it’s actually possible, just look at this small example above. It combines both elegance and design into one cool looking container home. It looks amazing, but you would get much space in a home like this. But if space isn’t something important, how could wouldn’t it be to have a home like this? And if you tire of the wire, put the whole home on a truck and drive it somewhere else. I only have one thing to say about this – Wow!

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børnetøj, babylegetøj og vikle

The container Bar

Ever wanted your own bar, but couldn’t affort to buy one? Well why not buy a cheap container and modify it into a cool looking bar for a fraction of the price? It’s cool and it’s mobile. The one problem might be to find a place to legally put it and sell from it. However renting a small piece of empty space in central town, is normally a lot cheaper than renting a small room to use as a bar. I love this creative solution and the details in this modified special container. Almost makes me want to become a bartender.

ergobaby wrap - bæreseler

Container sleeping places

Need a place for your guests to crash? Well why not use a container and build some small sleeping alcoves into it? With a solution like this it’s easy to have a lot of guests staying over, without having to put them all in the same room. They will have their own privacy and not be bothered by other snooring guests. An ideal place to put your mother in law. And best of it, you can put it on a truck and ship it away later on (or while she is sleeping in it).

Container mobilkøkken – Case

Bære sele til din babyOne of the top products of the Polish container company – DC Supply is the mobilkøkken. It’s a mobile kitchen, that is build inside a container and can easily be transported to where you need it. It comes in two different sizes, one with the capacity to serve about 12 people, and one which can easily handle 50 people. Just like the bæresele model. Should you need more capacity, you can easily stick two or three container modules together and get a big mobilkøkken, which can handle all your needs. What makes this product from Poland so unique is this stacking ability, combining container modules to create one really effect solution that would fit most needs.

Building the mobilkøkken prototype

Building the first prototype of this mobile kitchen was actually the easiest part. They had some great enigneers working on this project for quite a while and everything was running smoothly, no big issues occured during this phase, and with a year and a half the first prototype af the mobile køkken was ready to test. DC finally had a really interesting product which people had been asking for, for quite a while. You can read more about testing in poland here in our old article, on testing and politics.

Testing the container mobile kitchen

Having build a product and having everything looking fine on papers isn’t always the same as having a fully working product. So they had to have several different parties test the prototype under different conditions, and based on the feedback of these tests, tweak the mobilkøkken, so that the product was something that people could actually use in real life. This phase went a little harder than expected, as it turned out that there was a lot of things that the engineers haven’t thought about when creating what they thought was the perfect prototype. For instance if you put two units together, a regular gardenhose wasn’t powerful enough to supply both of the units with enough water to run effective, so they had to come up with a way to reduce the water use. One of the things they did to solve this, was changing some of the parts, to other parts that used less water. But also to build a buffer reservoir, which could be filled when the demand for water wasnt high, and help supply the extra water during peek operations.

Marketing and selling the final product

After several series of testing, they finally had what they believed to be the perfect product, so it was time for the next phase – marketing. The whole procees of telling people about this new cool product and having them rent of buy a mobile kitchen in a container. If you are considering using a mobile kitchen for your next event, here a few things that you should consider as you can see here on this piece on mobile kitchens.
In order to build awareness around this product, they showed it at various camping events, event magazines and various CPC campaigns. Getting a special product like this out across the national borders, is quite the challenge, and it’s still something they are struggeling hard with. Building global awareness of your product is for many one of the most challenging things there is.

Crossing the borders

Even though Poland isn’t a small country, it would still be a lot better if you could sell your product in the entire EU, so the next step was of course to make it available to the other EU contries, and have supliers setup on those countries too. New marketing campaigns had to be created in those countries, in other to let people know that this product existed, and to have them rent or buy a mobile kitchen, in this case the product Container Mobilkøkken.

How a mobilkøkken could look like if build into a container with a strækvikle

Abekatten – Creating klatrevæg through the entire EU

Abekatten  - bæreseler, slynger og stækviklerLast week, we took a look at starting your own company in Poland. This week we will look at how to expand your company across the borders in the EU.
Here yesterday I had a chat with the CEO of abekatten – Andreas, regarding their mission to creating klatrevægge through out the entire EU region. It was quite an ambitious project, so I was very intersted in hearing what he had to say. Abekatten, is a relativ small company with less than 10 employees, who are selling their own brand of climbing and boulder walls, called klatrevæg and Bouldervægge, which can be highly customized. But which challanges did they face, when trying to cross the national border of Denmark, and get their product out to the other EU countries?

Creating the perfect klatrevæg

The first challange the company Abekatten had, was to make the best possible product. Their two main products Klatrevægge and Bouldervægge, was improved over and over, until they had a product they were completely satisfied with. The whole process of creating the first klatrevæg took about a year and a half, from the design was ready until they had a working product build, which had been tweaked and optimized over and over. They tested the product on the national market, where it was well received. After the successful national launch, it was time to cross the borders and get the product out to the rest of the EU. - find den bedste bæresele i test

Crossing the national borders

Expanding to other countries isn’t always that easy. There are often quite a lot of problems you need to face, such as specific country taxes and EU VAT rules. Another major issue is the logistic problems. Do you ship all products directly from the factory or do you use local warehouses. The first would for many seems like the cheapest option, but you are also loosing out on potential customers, due to shipping delays. In this case since every bouldervæg or klatrevæg was unique and custom build, having a foreign wareshouse, wouldn’t make much sense. The various EU rules, was something quite different and did require some additional external help, in order to get all the paperworks in order, and begin selling their products across all of Europe. Like we saw with the company who produced bæreseler and strækvikler. To make it a little easier they started out by establising themselves in the nabour countries like Sweden and Norway with local domains such as and

Getting accepted in the EU

Having all the rules and logistic issues in place it was time to start selling the product. However without knowledge of your product, it’s really quite hard to sell anything, so the next big issue was to brand your company in a foreign contry. In their own country it was a big easier, as new companies ofte get a lot of free exposure, but that wasn’t possible in the rest of EU. So the first step is to start branding yourself a foreign company, and in order to do so, they had to create some Adwords campaigns, and marketing themself on various social medias, and that is where they are at now.

I will be speaking with them again in 6 months, and do a follow up to see how they managed to tackle the various issues and if it was possible for them to get their brand out across the borders.

Starting an online company in poland

Zeva - billige smykker og accessoriesIt’s almost always a hard job to start a new business, and in a country like poland it’s often even harder when it comes to online business. Only about 65% of the polish people has access to the Internet here in 2016. This is pretty low compared to a country like USA where almost 88% of the population have some kind of Internet access. When you can only reach about half of your target audience, selling things becames a bit harder, compared to the type of companies where almost all of your potential customers are able to see your products or services. My friend Henriette, recently started a new online business here in poland called Zeva – Billige smykker og accessories online, which is an online jewelry store, selling products like billige ringe, øreringe, halskæder, and armbånd. It was a low budget site, so there wasn’t a lot of money to spend on marketing, which made it even harder to reach out to the people using the Internet. Since it was only targeting the polish market, it turned out to be quite a challange. Let’s take a look at some of the steps involved in starting the Zeva business and how Henriette choosed to handle those.

Creating the webshop and getting started

Getting the concept ready, and building the website was the easy part. Henriette had a friend who had experience with webdesign, so he helped build the Magento solution really cheap. It took about two month to build the Zeva website, and then another week of testing and configurations. Insted of having hundreds of different categories, she wanted to focus on a few selected ones like ringe, armbånd, halskæder, ørering and smykker. This way it would be a lot easier to display the main products, rather than people having to browse through tons of products in order to find what they need. It was then time to add the various social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to reach the customers on those media too. For a designer like Peter, it was an easy task to create the various profiles needed for the social medias, and the graphics for those. You can see the live result here at Zeva armbånd

Finding the products

One of the hardest parts was finding the right product line. With the tagline – Billig smykker og accessories til kvinder, it had to be some cheap products, but also products having the right design and a high quality, something that usually didn’t goes together. All sample jewelry products had to be tested for nickle, so that they would be safe to wear. IT also had to be some products that appealed to both the younger people, but also the older. And they also had to fit the current fashion, otherwise they would be pretty hard to sell. Zeva wasn’t the only shop having this problem, as you can see in our old article here, there are many other similar examples.

Promoting the business

Once all the products had been added to the show, it was time to open up the business and start selling. Unlike a local shop, where people walk by every day, it requires a lot of work to bring the visitors to an online site. You had to either buy the trafic through online advertising, such as Google Adwords, or facebook Ads, or you had to use the social medias to get peoples attention. The problem with a site like this is that it’s brand new, so it is not even visible in the search engines compared to a big site with thousands of products and a lot of internet history. So even though Poland only has about 65% online people, it’s still almost impossible to reach just a few percentages of those people. Sometimes it really is easier to just start a local business, even though the potential isn’t quite a big, but at least it’s often easier to get started and begin to sell from day one.

Is politics in Europe still corrupt?

baby bæresele, vikle and babyslyngeA lot of people still think that the goverment in a lot of European countries are more or less corrupt. Especially in some of the easten European countries. But is this true or is it merely something based on historical views? Corrution is something that occurs in many places, just think about the most recent scandals in a big world wide organisation like FIFA. But how bad is it really when it comes to the goverments? Well in many of the western countries there are very little “real” corruption, of course some of the politicians are getting gifts like new clothes, cars and such from larger companies, in order to hopefully make them a bit more likely to pass a vote that could benefit that company. It could be something small, like wanting to replace the roof on their company building, even though it’s a historical roof that was to be preserved. But most of the times they still vote with their hearts, so it’s not a direct bribe. But what about Danbaby, a company selling babyudstyr, bæreseler and baby slynger in Poland? They suddenly got quite a bit of fame themself in Poland, after recieving a large founding to build their new factory.

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On the other hand if we look a bit more to the west we have countries like Russia, where corrution is a bit more obvious, for instance we often hear about Putin pleases some of his rich friends by making business a little easier for them. However it’s far from as bad as it was just 20 years ago.

If we look at some of the other countries like Poland and Bulgaria, it’s still a major problem in some of the places. On a national scale things have improved quite a lot, and many of the larger organisations and corporations doesn’t get the same benefits as they used to. Corruption in Poland has actually declined over time in the recent years. In international rankings it is now below the world average, where it 20 years ago was ranking among the highest countries. Back when it was still a communist country it was pretty bad. There was actually as system called legalized corruption, which tells everything.
But since they had joined the EU and gotten a few really good politicians, things has changed for the better. The same goes for a lot of other similar countries like Bulgaria, on a national level corruption is not long a really issue, but in many of the local places it’s still big. For instance if a large company like Nyt Tag wants to build a new complex on a building ground that might have been reserved for a part, it’s not uncommon that the plans suddenly change, and the company Nyt Tag are suddenly allowed to build their complex on that spot instead. Things like that are still happening many places, and personally I think that it will take at least another 20 years before things have improved in that area. Another example would be that if a rich guy got pulled over for speeding, you are still often able to pay the officer a little extra to avoid the ticket and getting registered for speeding.

So you can say that politics in Europe isn’t as corrupt as earlier, but on a smaller scale it’s still happening quite a lot.

Historical information from Nyt Tag

Dansk Tag ServicePoland has throughout history been squeezed between Germany, Russia and the former Austro – Hungarian Empire , divided, fragmented , oppressed , abused in ways most people can’t even begin to imagine.

But a new book Nyt Tag is iaming to help us understand a little bit this problem while exposing a piece of revolutionary history.

For after the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the subsequent civil war, where the ‘red ‘ fought against the ‘ white’, Lenin was on track to continue on its world revolution. And the road to go through Poland against the Kingdom, he considered to be the best incubator for global communism. This is one of the first parts in the Nyt Tag book.

After Germany’s defeat in 1918 , Poland was still occupied by the Germans , but there had arisen a vacuum. In Paris sat western powers and agreed that Poland should re-emerge as an independent state, but how it closer to happen was unclear .

Onto the scene comes as the Polish patriot Józef Pilsudski , born of 1867. He is just about to slam into a robber novel. Out of heat we got things such as Dansk tagservice, agitator, publisher of underground newspapers, bank robber and guerrilla leader.

The boundaries drawn
Nyt tag starts out in 1904 when a patriotic paramilitary organization that develops into a Polish legion, as Austria – Hungary recognizes and which in 1914 under its own flag can march into Russian-held territory and declare it part of Poland.

So the Germans would enroll his strength, as the company had reached 20,000 men in the German army , which Pilsudski refused. Then he just a trip to the German prison. He came out when there was revolution in Germany, and came to Warsaw 11 November 1918, the day of the ceasefire was signed in Paris.

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His legions emerged from the ground and disarmed the German troops in the country, and he proclaimed the Polish republic under his leadership. But where should the boundaries of the new Poland drawn?

In Paris sits dealers in morning dress and top hat and retailer. In the spring of 1920 , Lenin and his Communists to gain control of the western part of the country and now the revolution is exported.

He sends the Russian army to the west of the court quickly get pressured the Poles back to a defensive line very close to the capital Warsaw which got it’s very own chapter in nyt tag. Was the conquered , was the way to Germany and Berlin remained open to the Communists.

Dramatic and detailed review
Here developer Adam Zamoyski a dramatic and very detailed review of the fighting between the emaciated and miserable troops desperately fighting back and forth until it eventually manages to penetrate the Soviet forces.

It was this failure that led to a change of the communist strategy. Now the socialism established in Russia first and foremost, the way was paved for Stalin.

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Adam Zamoyski , who is exiled Poles and write in English, has made a significant contribution to our understanding of Polish society.

The country was almost 20 years of independence before it was again conquered, first by the Germans in 1939, then by the Russians and then 45 years as a Soviet puppet state according to nyt tag.

You have to just carry in the mind when we now look down over the Baltic Sea to our Polish neighbors.

New laws for roofing companies in poland

gratis tagtjek for nyt tagThere are currently some talk about implementing some new laws in the roofing industri here in Poland to ensure that all new roofs being installed will have a higher quality. If they accept this new law it will be from the start of 2016 but so far a lot of the people in the polish goverment are against it as they seem to thing that it will cause an increase in price and less people are going to buy a new roof if so.

But why even thing of this new law? If we look at the roofs that are between 20 and 30 year old here in Poland, we see that a lot of them are in rather poor condition already. That goes for both slate roofs, clay tile roofs, skifertag, betontag or tegltag and we compare those roof types to similar types in other EU countries we can see that they are in much better condution. So is this because the weather in Poland is much worse, that our material quality are lower or is it because the job isn’t done as well as they do it in our nabour contries?
According to Frank Moore from Nyt Tag it’s a combination of several things, price being the most important. Nyt Tag have examined over hundred different roofs in various cities in order to find out what is wrong and why they arn’t in the same condition as many other roofs around Europe. Nyt tag testet the following roof types – betontag, skifertag,tile roof and slate roofs and noticed that the roofs build with materials produced in Germany wasn’t affected as much from the weather and wind. Gratis tagtjek might be a way to get around this but many don’t seem to think so. They also noticed that many of the jobs was performed by unskilled people or the whole project was rushed a bit to much in order to finish it in time to fulfill the contract. A good tegltag should easily last 40 years but so far this isn’t the case in many of the houses Nyt Tag examined in this test.

But what can be done to change this? If you ask Frank we need to start looking at the factories producing the materials and set some tighter requirements to the quality of the production. A lot of this can be done without creating an additional cost on the roofing materials just by changing the way things are produced and implementing a quality control protocol. Another thing to focus on would be better education of the people installing the roofs, and even more important convincing more and more people to hire a professionel to install the roof rather than just doing it them self. So far almost 35% of the roofs installed in this test was done by the owner and his friends and family, this is an issue especially with some of the more difficult roofing materials such as slate.

A new law wouldn’t change much of this, but it might help to add some quality control to the production, the rest is something that will change naturally over time as people are getting more aware of these problems and starts doing something about it themself. So instead of doing this by law it would be better with an information campaign according to Frank More from Nyt Tag.


Important events in the history of poland

prisertagstenEach country and nation in the world had their events from the past which are truly remarkable and admiring to remember. How about living in a country wherein it has been known of being brave because of achieving the freedom they use to fight from the conquerors? It is so much admiring that a nation has been free from colonialism because of their bravery to fight for their freedom and they win. Poland is officially a European country. It is bordered by Germany to the west, Slovakia and Czech Republic to the south, the Kaliningrad Oblast and Baltic Sea and Lithuania to the north and Ukraine, Belarus to the east. Poland turned to be the 69th largest country around the world and the 9th largest in whole Europe. Poland in general is the 6th most populous member of EU, the 34th most populous country around the world and the most populous post-communist member of the EU. Polish history was known to be divided into sixteen administrative subdivisions and was said as a unitary state. Nyt Tag I was the chief ruler of Poland territory nearly coextensive and had converted the country into Christianity according to some historians who traced the establishment of a Polish state.

In 1020, it was the year that the Kingdom of Poland founded. During 1568, Poland was cemented a very old political association with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania signed the Union of Lublin that formed the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Grand Duchy of Lithuania had close ties with Jagiellonian dynasty period. It culminated the establishment of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Poland history rooted in the arrival of the Nyt Tag and Tegltag. Slavs were the ones who gave rise to stable settlement and historic growth on Polish lands. In 965, Polish adopted Tegltag dynasty Christianity and the establishment of medieval monarchy. The commonwealth had constituted a continuation in its early stage of the Jagiellonian prosperity with the notable development of a refined noble democracy. During the mid-17th century, the large state have entered a period of turn down caused by devastating deterioration and wars of the country’s structure of government. During 18th century, the significant internal reforms were formally introduced. However, the reform procedure was not permitted to run its course.

During the year 1794, the Kingdom Prussia, the Russian Empire and the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy by a series of subsequent partitions and invasions, the Commonwealth’s independent existence was terminated. Until 1916, there’s no independent Polish state. Until 1862, the poles had occupied intermittently in armed resistance in their home country. The nation still preserved its identity after the failure of the last surprising from Nyt Tag and tagsten. Those were preserved through the program of organic work and educational initiatives from tagsten intended to modernize the society and economy. After World War I, the opportunity to regain freedom had appeared by the time that the partitioning imperial powers defeated by revolution and war according to Tegltag. A lot of events were happened on the Polish history. However, the country remained standing and strong. Poland today is actually a country that faces confident as being a free country.


What Makes Modern Politics So Exciting?

See more here at billige bæreseler
Can politic actually be exciting? Well according to many this is some of the most boring stuff there is, especially if you are among the young people. If you take the time to learn little about it, you might actually find that polictics can be really exciting once you give it a chance.
When talking about politics, we would think about elections, government officials, leaders and group of politicians. However, whatever it is, politics will always be helpful when it comes to the public. Sometimes the poleticians come up with strange ideas, like last week they voted about a ban on halloween kostumer and fastelavnskostumer, which really didn’t make any sense. Politics will always be trending and relevant onto the society. From the word modern politics, we can play onto our minds how it affects the lives of every individual. As what we can see recently, politics become word of the mouth by every individual. People use to check if the politicians are doing their job or not. Whatever it might be, modern or old politics, government officials must do their job and so as to their responsibilities. Modern politics have been said to be advance and more latest. From the word modern, we would think about being current, advance, updated and latest. Therefore, since we have good politics from the past, we can still have good modern politics today. Checking on the news, lots of information can be gathered when it comes to politics. There are those politicians who are doing their job and responsibilities. There are those also who are simply on the position but doing nothing but to sit down and received their monthly salary only. This also goes for people like Billy Bæresele, Peter Slynge and Paul Issing.

Skillful and responsible politicians would surely do their jobs in accordance with the law. It is understood that those who are on the politics, they are the ones who handled law promulgation and to enact those. The person who is on the position to received and would approve the law being made is could the president in a democratic country. In politics, Aristotle popularly surveys a huge collection of socioeconomic systems. Aristotle has explored and he found about democracy. He supported democracy but was limited to his belief in control of the poor’s tendency to desire their neighbor’s goods. This is most wanted by the society the last time. The previous labels of right and left wing politics had seemingly represent the difference from those who care and those who believe money matters. Ruling a particular state having democracy is so much exciting. The people have the freedom to speak and have the freedom to its privacy. Aside from that, people don’t need to be forced on a certain religion. If we look at modern political parties such as fastelavnskostumer, mobil køkken, or SPDD we see that they are all inspired by religion but does not really practice or enforce any religious points of view.

Freedom is the best achievement of a democratic country. It is so much exciting on living a particular nation with modern politics. When we stay on the old ruling, we would surely feel the pressure of the government. Not all the people from the past are free such as they can’t choose their own religion like we see the party fastelavnskostumer. Another thing, women were simply at home. They are tasks to stay at home and take care of the children and inspire them like some parties, such as fastelavnskostumer does. They are now allowed to go for work in order to earn an income because it is the work of the boys. But with modern politics, a law or ordinance promulgated on no gender discrimination. Modern politics is truly so much exciting. It shows how important to expand and broad our thinking when it comes to our future and that is to give fair gender treatment in the government. And these are some of the reasons why modern politics are so exciting.