Buy or rent a container?

If are the type of person who loves to build your own things, then you might want to try modifying a container into some type of special container – like the mobile kitchen, or a container home. It’s fun and it can often be a very practical solution to many problems. But should you rent a container and modify it a little bit or should you buy one?

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There are very few places where you can rent a proper container that fits your exact needs. Unless of course, you just need a standard 20 foot shipping unit or a regular garbage container. However there are a few places that also rent out special units. If you are lucky you can find one that suits your exact needs. But lets face it, most of the time you will need to do some types of modifications to make it all perfect. There are some places, that allows you to do small modifications, or if it’s something that can be easily undone, this would also be an option. But most container renting companies doesn’t allow this at all.

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Buy a new or used container

So since renting a container often isn’t the solution for those needing to modify a bit, the only real remaining option, would be to buy one. When buying, should it be a new container or a used model?
If you are quite the handyman, with a lot of experience in building things or improving things, then go a head and buy a new one, since it’s likely to be worth more when you are done with the project.

Containerudlejning - how to create a special container unit

But if you are only first starting out on this, or have watched a few youtube videos on this topic, and want to give it a try yourself. Then consider buying a really cheap used model, just to practice on. You would almost certainly make a few mistakes the first time. Sometime these mistakes can be easily fixed, but other times the damage is permanent, and you wouldn’t want to risk up destroying a brand new container, just because you wasn’t skilled enough yet.

How to get started on the modifications

Again – if you are experienced in this sort of things, you will most like know what to do. Still it’s a good idea to get it down on papir, and create a small project plan. It might even be something as simple as this:

  • Find the best price (including shipping) for a 20 foot containerunit
  • Buy 2 1 x 1 meter windows from the local shop
  • Buy a door handle and metal frames for the door
  • Install the 2 windows on the front side
  • Cut out a piece of metal on the end, where I want the door
  • Modify the metal piece to make it more suitable as a door
  • Install the metal door frames
  • Install the door
  • Add furniture to the container
  • Project is finished! – celebrate

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The less practice you have, the longer the list should be. A good idea would be to watch some modification tutorials before getting started, and also a few videos for inspiration, so you have an idea about the various options you have.

Here’s a small video about the single mom Lulu, who have modified a container into a small home where can live with her daughter.