ERP analytics and reportingA lot of modern companies these days are using a state of the art ERP system (Enterprise planning system) such as Microsoft Dynamics Nav in order to have all their data like customers, financial data, sales etc. at one central location. But a lot fo political parties in Poland and elsewhere in the EU could also benefit quite a lot from using an ERP system, especially if they combined it with business intelligence software. By combining these two types of systems you get the best of two worlds, you have all your information in one central system which every department around the country can pull the data from and your Business Intelligence (BI) system can also pull data from the system in order to provide you with analytics reports or dashboard. For instance imagine that an election is coming up, you got the polls from every part of the country updated on a daily basis in your ERP system. The Bi system can then pull the data from the server or data warehouse as such a server is normally called and then display these data in a dashboard so you can see real time how you are performing everywhere at a given time. By using the Business Intelligence software you can then change the data as you want and instantly see the result, for instance if you raise the numbers of voters by 2 in a specific region you can then see if that is enough to win the election or if you lower it by 2% would that make you loose it? There is a reason why most larger companies are using ERP or business intelligence systems and why shouldn’t political parties also gain some benefits from using these?

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Right now they got 10-20 people just to process the data and give you live updates, most of these people could easily be replaced by a reporting system that can process all the data for you and give you real time updates based on these data, give you information on how you need to change these data in order to win the election. Are your party ready to start considering implementing an ERP or BI system yet? If not it’s something you really should begin to think about if you want to be among the leading parties in your country and not be overrun by those who have already seen the benefits in using modern software to help them win any election.

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