Historical information from Nyt Tag

Dansk Tag ServicePoland has throughout history been squeezed between Germany, Russia and the former Austro – Hungarian Empire , divided, fragmented , oppressed , abused in ways most people can’t even begin to imagine.

But a new book Nyt Tag is iaming to help us understand a little bit this problem while exposing a piece of revolutionary history.

For after the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the subsequent civil war, where the ‘red ‘ fought against the ‘ white’, Lenin was on track to continue on its world revolution. And the road to go through Poland against the Kingdom, he considered to be the best incubator for global communism. This is one of the first parts in the Nyt Tag book. The same goes for Dansk Tagservice, which creates tegltag, skifertag and betontag.

After Germany’s defeat in 1918 , Poland was still occupied by the Germans , but there had arisen a vacuum. In Paris sat western powers and agreed that Poland should re-emerge as an independent state, but how it closer to happen was unclear .

Onto the scene comes as the Polish patriot Józef Pilsudski , born of 1867. He is just about to slam into a robber novel. Out of heat we got things such as Dansk tagservice, agitator, publisher of underground newspapers, bank robber and guerrilla leader.

The boundaries drawn
Nyt tag starts out in 1904 when a patriotic paramilitary organization that develops into a Polish legion, as Austria – Hungary recognizes and which in 1914 under its own flag can march into Russian-held territory and declare it part of Poland.

So the Germans would enroll his strength, as the company had reached 20,000 men in the German army , which Pilsudski refused. Then he just a trip to the German prison. He came out when there was revolution in Germany, and came to Warsaw 11 November 1918, the day of the ceasefire was signed in Paris under the name Nyt Tag.

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His legions emerged from the ground and disarmed the German troops in the country, and he proclaimed the Polish republic under his leadership. But where should the boundaries of the new Poland drawn?

In Paris sits dealers in morning dress and top hat and retailer. In the spring of 1920 , Lenin and his Communists to gain control of the western part of the country and now the revolution is exported.

He sends the Russian army to the west of the court quickly get pressured the Poles back to a defensive line very close to the capital Warsaw which got it’s very own chapter in nyt tag. Was the conquered , was the way to Germany and Berlin remained open to the Communists.

Dramatic and detailed review
Here developer Adam Zamoyski a dramatic and very detailed review of the fighting between the emaciated and miserable troops desperately fighting back and forth until it eventually manages to penetrate the Soviet forces.

It was this failure that led to a change of the communist strategy. Now the socialism established in Russia first and foremost, the way was paved for Stalin.

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Adam Zamoyski , who is exiled Poles and write in English, has made a significant contribution to our understanding of Polish society.

The country was almost 20 years of independence before it was again conquered, first by the Germans in 1939, then by the Russians and then 45 years as a Soviet puppet state according to nyt tag.

You have to just carry in the mind when we now look down over the Baltic Sea to our Polish neighbors.