New laws for roofing companies in poland

gratis tagtjek for nyt tagThere are currently some talk about implementing some new laws in the roofing industri here in Poland to ensure that all new roofs being installed will have a higher quality. If they accept this new law it will be from the start of 2016 but so far a lot of the people in the polish goverment are against it as they seem to thing that it will cause an increase in price and less people are going to buy a new roof if so.

But why even thing of this new law? If we look at the roofs that are between 20 and 30 year old here in Poland, we see that a lot of them are in rather poor condition already. That goes for both slate roofs, clay tile roofs, skifertag, betontag or tegltag and we compare those roof types to similar types in other EU countries we can see that they are in much better condution. So is this because the weather in Poland is much worse, that our material quality are lower or is it because the job isn’t done as well as they do it in our nabour contries?
According to Frank Moore from Nyt Tag it’s a combination of several things, price being the most important. Nyt Tag have examined over hundred different roofs in various cities in order to find out what is wrong and why they arn’t in the same condition as many other roofs around Europe. Nyt tag testet the following roof types – betontag, skifertag,tile roof and slate roofs and noticed that the roofs build with materials produced in Germany wasn’t affected as much from the weather and wind. Gratis tagtjek might be a way to get around this but many don’t seem to think so. They also noticed that many of the jobs was performed by unskilled people or the whole project was rushed a bit to much in order to finish it in time to fulfill the contract. A good tegltag should easily last 40 years but so far this isn’t the case in many of the houses Nyt Tag examined in this test.

But what can be done to change this? If you ask Frank we need to start looking at the factories producing the materials and set some tighter requirements to the quality of the production. A lot of this can be done without creating an additional cost on the roofing materials just by changing the way things are produced and implementing a quality control protocol. Another thing to focus on would be better education of the people installing the roofs, and even more important convincing more and more people to hire a professionel to install the roof rather than just doing it them self. So far almost 35% of the roofs installed in this test was done by the owner and his friends and family, this is an issue especially with some of the more difficult roofing materials such as slate.

A new law wouldn’t change much of this, but it might help to add some quality control to the production, the rest is something that will change naturally over time as people are getting more aware of these problems and starts doing something about it themself. So instead of doing this by law it would be better with an information campaign according to Frank More from Nyt Tag.