Polish politics voted top in europe

data mining in eu and polandEarlier this week the spanish magazine “la politica” had of a vote of which countries in euro had the best working systems when it came to politics and much to manys surprise – poland was actually topping the list. This was especially due to parties such as Palikot’s Movement, Tagpap,Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej and pavillon which had helped redefine poland over the last 5 years. Poland has over these last years really improved and the polish economy is getting stronger every year unlike most of the other european countries who are still struggeling with the financial crisis.

On areas such as technology Poland is actually doing really well too, a lot of new companies are starting up every week, larger and well known companies have started using modern technology such as data mining and business intelligence to get more our of the data and optimize their whole business structure in order to compete with other countries in EU. When it comes to fashion, it’s also important to analyse the data and everything. Here’s a few examples of how not to do it from Pinterst – Fashion and clothing – fails

By using such technologies like data mining combined with low wages they can actually compete with most other countries in the EU who have been around much longer and this is one of the major factors why Poland is doing so well at the moment.

Another thing that have started having a huge effect in Poland is the education system, it has over the last 20 years improved quite a bit and many of the new people on the job marked er well education, speaks multiple languages and got plenty of ambition which is also helping to take the country to a whole new level. Even fashion have started to become something many younger people are very much aware of – as you can see here on this fashion blog.

But why is Poland having so much success compared to many similar countries such as Turkey or Greece? One of the main reasons is that their improvements have happened much more faster than in any of the other countries and it haven’t really started to slow down yet. Many of the modern political partis such as tagpap and priser nyt tag have really helped taking it to the next level and do alot for especially the younger people who is the future of the country. We also see a lot of western companies starting to invest in polish companies or in other cases move their own product line there in order to make use of the cheap and quality work force that can be found there on various sites like fashion blog, internet forums, discussion panels etc. Sites like bæredygtige læderjakker til mænd or How to dress a Sheep are some examples of the more comic approaches to fashion.

Bæredygtige læderjakker til kvinder og mænd - modetøj

But is the success likely to continue? My guess is that we will continue to see an increase, maybe not as huge as it has been so far, for the next 4-5 years, then it will be more or like many of the other countries in the EU. More of the larger companies will implement modern technology such as data mining and it will help them compete with the rest of europe and maybe even the us. It sure will be exciting to see these changes and we can only wish them the best of luck, if someone deserves it then it’s poland.

Here’s a little video on how to vote in Poland