Special container – all you need to know

Last month we looked at the case Container mobilkøkken from DC Supply, and it inspired me to write an article about special containers as it turned out to be bit more interesting than I had imagined. After taking a look at some of their special products, I noticed that you could actually use a standard 20 foot container for a lot of things. From custom living homes to mobile sales stands and much more. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more creative ideas people have created, based on a special container.

strækvikle or baby bæresele?

Mobile Kitchen

Remember the mobile kitchen? Here’s another example of one. This one is more similar to one you could have at your own home. With a place to make the food and a place to relax and enjoy it. It’s a great temporary solution for those who are having their old kitchen redone, or if they don’t have the space for a kitchen in their home. And when you are done with it, just lock it up and drive it away. I was watching this in my bæresele or was it a slynge, and it was really cool.
This one is probably one of coolest mobile kitchens (mobil køkken), that I have ever seen. Not that I need one right now, but it sure is nice to know they exist. If I had to buy a container, this I wouldn’t mind one of those. The mobile kitchen from Hegn is one of my favorite models, they got a special version called Panelhegn which is actually pretty good.

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baby bæreseler og strækvikle til dit barn

A mobile container home

Ever wanted a home you can move, without having to buy an autocamper or a houseboat? Well it’s actually possible, just look at this small example above. It combines both elegance and design into one cool looking container home. It looks amazing, but you would get much space in a home like this. But if space isn’t something important, how could wouldn’t it be to have a home like this? And if you tire of the wire, put the whole home on a truck and drive it somewhere else. I only have one thing to say about this – Wow! To make it even better add some kameraovervågning and a hegn.

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børnetøj, babylegetøj og vikle

The container Bar

Ever wanted your own bar, but couldn’t afford to buy one? Well why not buy a cheap container and modify it into a cool looking bar for a fraction of the price? It’s cool and it’s mobile. The one problem might be to find a place to legally put it and sell from it. However renting a small piece of empty space in central town, is normally a lot cheaper than renting a small room to use as a bar. I love this creative solution and the details in this modified special container. Almost makes me want to become a bartender.
This is a really cool special køkken unit, just needs a Trådhegn from Ishøj Hegn to make it perfect.

ergobaby wrap - bæreseler from Babybob

Container sleeping places

Need a place for your guests to crash? Well why not use a container and build some small sleeping alcoves into it? With a solution like this it’s easy to have a lot of guests staying over, without having to put them all in the same room. They will have their own privacy and not be bothered by other snoring guests. An ideal place to put your mother in law. And best of it, you can put it on a truck and ship it away later on (or while she is sleeping in it).